Friday, 1 March 2013

The Joys of moving house

We have some friends here that have just moved house into Huelgoat from a few miles away and having visited them in their new house it jolted my memory about the differences between here and the UK.

Based on their and our experiences it seems like anything that isn't actually bolted down to the house is fair game to be taken away by the previous occupants. Things that are taken for granted to be left in the house in the UK seem to be taken all the time over here. For instance although the curtain poles seem to be left the rings themselves were taken from both our houses also it comes as a little bit of a shock to come into the house when you have bought it to find just a light-bulb dangling from the end of a wire, you may expect the shades to be taken but the pattrice and pendant that is screwed to the ceiling?

In our case we also had to negotiate the purchase of the towel holders, mirrors and even the soap holder in the bathroom!

Although the actual purchase is made easier by it being carried out by one Notaire rather than solicitors acting for both sides in the UK the costs are a lot higher, anything around 6-8% of the purchase price for the Notaire and even more for the agent.

Of course this is countered by the lower house prices over here, our friends bought a detached property with gardens on all sides and a gate into the woods at the rear it has 3 reception and 4 bedrooms plus a huge garage/cellar that extends under the whole of the house for the equivalent of under £100K You would struggle to buy a flat for the same amount in the UK.

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