Friday, 8 March 2013

Dear oh Deer

Just after breakfast this morning Avril looked out of the kitchen window onto our front garden and there were 3 deer contently pruning our roses!
We don't like to lose our roses even before they flower but have decided that watching wild deer close up more than even things up.
We went upstairs and viewed them from the window so as not to disturb them.

This first picture is pretty blurred as it was taken through the glass, however they then disappeared only to re-appear around the back of the house where I got some better shots of them.

What a great start to the day and another reason I love living here.


  1. You've got some great picture there.I'm amazed how close they are to the house. We had cats screaling & fighting last night for about half an hour. Not nearly as nice as a trio of deer :-)

    1. I hope the dear don't turn into a mole hill 'situation' like the other day. very much enjoying your blog btw. Amanda