Saturday, 20 October 2012


We seem to have different types of Fungi and Mushrooms popping up all over the place right now. The small  one's I took a photo of in the last post have now grown to the size of a small plate. They are about 20cm
 ( 8" ) in diameter.
I love to eat mushrooms but although these look a lot like horse mushrooms I'm just not sure, and don't really want to chance it. Is there anyone on here who can positively identify them?

Here are some others which I know I will not be eating! Having looked at images on Google it appears to be an  amanita which is heavily psychedelic and has been reported to be fatal if eaten!   Certainly lovely to look at though.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


We seem to have been forever waiting for summer to arrive and all of a sudden we are well and truly into Autumn.
As you may have seen we have a lovely tree lined driveway to our house with mature lime trees that make a lovely setting to the house, however the downside is that at this time of the year all the leaves are starting to fall.
I jokingly said with slight "tongue in cheek" knowing that I was probably exaggerating, that there would probably be at least a hundred barrow loads of leaves to pick up and cart away. Wrong! I way underestimated, I have already cleared around 20 and the leaves have hardly started falling.

The leaves in the photo above are just what fell in the last day as I had totally cleared them yesterday. In addition we have two fully mature Acer trees probably around 70 feet tall with more leaves that all the lime trees combined. I'm not grumbling though as they look gorgeous.

All sorts of Fungi are appearing as well, Anyone know if these are edible?

Another sure sign that it is Autumn is the molehills that just suddenly spring up at this time of year, we have seen nothing of them since last Autumn and yet here they are again. What happens to them during the rest of the year is what i want to know?