Monday, 13 May 2013

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

After cutting down the trees last week I'm left with the mammoth task of sawing the wood into movable pieces and clearing away the tons of fir branches.
There is so much of it that I have little option but to burn it. I don't feel too bad about it as after doing a bit of research it appears that it gives up as much carbon if it is burnt as if it is let to decay naturally over many years and is considered "Carbon Neutral". Everyone around here seems to have a fire at some point in their gardens and even the local council burns a huge amount of branches etc when the're coppicing the trees around here.

I am already piling up a serious amount of wood for the wood burner and I haven't really started on the larger trunks yet at all.

Cutting the stumps down to ground level is a job I'm not looking forward to, the base of some of the trunks are very large and the only way I will be able to tackle it is to chop around it a piece at a time.

When it is all cleared away we hope to extend the rhododendron bush that is around the base of the palm tree. The palm tree should also benefit from the removal of the trees as It will no longer be in their shadow.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A lovely week

This past week has been superb, not just because of the beautiful weather we have been having but also having one of our sons, Peter, and daughter-in-law Rachael staying with us. They also brought their dog, "Matty" with them. It was lovely so spend time with them as it was a few weeks ago when our youngest son, David and Amanda stayed for a few day with the grandchildren Tom and Emily.

I have slowed down a bit recently in cutting down the row of trees behind the house that have been putting the house in shade during the evenings. Peter and Rachael insisted that they give me a hand to lop some more off, however after cutting off the first one and commenting that was one of the most dangerous jobs he had ever done! Thanks pete! He talked me into taking the rest down to ground level. I am really glad that he did as It's going to open up the back of our property and give it a whole new look.

We have left just one standing as there is another fir in the field behind that would need to come down as well if we cut it down, however who knows next year I may be tempted.
They were some serious trees that we took down and I will have a few weeks work in logging them up and clearing them away.

The ground actually shook as the larger ones came down and should provide wood for the woodburner for a long time to come.

With the lovely weather we were able to spend a few evening out on the decking with the Chimenea going and the BBQ on.