Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I have taken advantage of the recent dry and warmer weather to start preparing our vegetable plot, I was going to plough it again but there wasn't a lot of vegetation on it and the soil here is very fine so I have just been over it with the rotavator attachment i have for the tractor.

As you can see by the photo the plot from last year is just about visible and as it is planty big enough for our needs I'm rotavating exactly the same area, the only difference is that I will be rotating what I planted last year.

What took me a little over an hour to rotavate I wouldn't have been able to hand dig in a year. It is still a bit early to put much in yet but I did put a row of shallots in.

Of course just when I was thinking Spring was well on the way Winter came back to bite us this morning!

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  1. Your doing well Michael, ours is too wet to anything with, can't wait to start growing, I am experimenting this year with vertical gardening.