Wednesday, 27 March 2013

French Health Service

If you speak to practically anyone living over here about the health service they will tell you how good it is, but it's not until you deal with it yourself you realise how good.

I have a friend who has had back problems so he went to the local doctor here who examined him and said she though he should have a scan on his back to determine the problem. Now I'm sure in the UK this would have been a pretty low priority and may have meant a wait of a few weeks. Not so over here, he was able to make an appointment for a time of his choosing within two days.

As I knew where the Radiology building was in Carhaix I went with him today for the scan. All done within 1 hour and afterward he was not only given the diagnosis  verbally but a written copy as well plus all the scans which are his to keep after showing the doctor.

All of this is pretty normal for the health service over here.


  1. That's wonderful news as we will be moving to Brittany when we retire in 2015.
    I see you are living in Huelgoat. I remember a very happy holiday there many years ago.
    Happy easter

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment, I hope you enjoy your life over here in Brittany as much as we do.
    Happy Easter to you as well.