Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday Sunday

Easter Sunday and although there was a lot of sunshine it is still very cold. As we do a lot of Sundays we went off today with some friends to a " Vide Grenier " I think the translation is actually Empty Attic and is generally held in the local sports or school hall and during the Summer Months quite often outside.

There are loads to choose from every weekend although generally held on a Sunday with a huge variety of "Bric a Brac" for sale at cheap prices.

The one we attended this week was at a small town called Pleyber Christ which is about half an hour's drive away.

I must admit I don't buy a lot but there is always Coffee, cake, crepes and wine available which makes for a very pleasant morning.

We did buy a brand new small deep fat fryer for 5 euros so it was not a wasted trip afterwards we went and had a very nice lunch at a restaurant called the Menez Bras just outside of Huelgoat .

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