Sunday, 3 March 2013

Eating out "a la French style" Raclette

We went out with some friends last night for a meal in a local village about 6-7 miles away, It was a communal meal, something the French people seem to do a lot.
It was held in and in aid of a local school and a type of meal that I'd heard about but never had before that seems to be quite popular.
There was a small bar in one room and adjoining was a large room set out with tables.

 There was a set charge of 12 euros, about normal for this type of function with a Kir to start with and a main meal of assorted salami's, ham slices etc, boiled potatoes and then covered with Raclette cheese.
The Raclette cheese round was heated under a machine and then scraped onto the plates with a knife. The term Raclette apparently derives from the french word "Racler" which means to scrape.

After the meal we had a very nice suite of coffee ice cream, very much like a viennetta, there was also coffee to follow and  dancing in another local hall but we left before that got going.

As is quite typical with these type of evenings, although it was advertised for 7pm most people didn't arrive until after 8pm and there were still people arriving when we were leaving at nearly 10pm.

Another nice and different evening for us

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