Tuesday, 26 February 2013


We have had moles on and off in our front garden ever since we have moved here but by putting down more repellent every time we saw a mole hill we seem to have contained them.
Last week for the first time I saw a mole hill in our back field close to where we have our vegetable plot, but as it was only one I didn't bother about it. Big mistake! Yesterday I went out and counted over 20 of them. How is it possible that a mole can just pop up into the middle of what is a field and create havoc in such a short time?

Apparently a single mole can burrow up to a 150 feet in a day and have a gestation period of only one Month! What chance have I got?

I think when I get my plough and rotavator in action in about a Month's time that may deter them other than that If I could catch enough of them I could offer them to Tesco's, they seem to buy any meat!

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  1. Why don't you just leave them for a month or so and let them do the rotavating for you....?you should end up with a nice fine soil cover~ well ventilated ~ and that just needs raking level before you sow next years crops..much less effort !!!! {:0)