Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I know I've mentioned it before but one of the joys of living here in Brittany bordering onto open countryside is the wildlife we get here.

What a lovely sight yesterday morning, we had just finished breakfast and out of the lounge windows at the rear of the house we had 5 deer wandering around our back lawn. A really lovely start to the day. OK I have to accept that they "Prune" my vegetable garden and the roses etc but I think I can live with that just for the joy of seeing them running wild.

Here are some photos taken through my window.


  1. When you weigh it up it's cheaper to buy vegetables than Venison !!!!!!

  2. How lovely Michael to have them around, we have too many hunters in our village they stay well away although we do often see them as we drive through the forest to our nearest town.

  3. I miss seeing them now that we've moved into town. For many years deer lived in the woods behind our house and would be pretty much a daily sight. Wait until you see the newborns.

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