Friday, 22 February 2013

Tractor (Chinese)4 Mike (British)5

Success at last! After an hour's round trip into Carhaix to buy an extra length of chain ( don't even ask the cost ) I attached it to my existing chain and started to heave it out with the chain block, after about 10 minutes of heavy pulling I realised I was pulling the tree out of the ground! Off it came yet again to attach it to a bigger ( much bigger ) tree I finally managed to get it on firm ground and was able to drive it out. I had detached the link box which was still stranded in the bog but it was fairly simple to attach a chain to that and drag it out with the tractor.

As I said the good thing to come out of all this was getting to know my neighbough, I returned his chain block and was promptly invited into the house to share a bottle of wine. Bottles of wine seem to get drunk over here just like having a tea of coffee but I can live with it :)
on a separate note I was chatting on a forum I belong to, with a friend who is going to visit in the Summer, he happened to say " watch out for the youdig when you are out walking" I had to ask him what a "Youdig" was and apparently it is local folklore for a peaty bog or marsh with evil spirits. As I am certain he has never read my blog up to now I thought it was very apt.
As I now didn't have to buy a winch, I used the money to buy myself a new sawhorse for my logs, a big improvement on the old wooded one that I had inherited from the previous owners.


  1. Thought this might suit in view of your recent problems.............

  2. Just found a video of you pulling out the tractor....didn't know you filmed it !!!

  3. Huraay!
    I did wonder if you'd ever get it out ;)