Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tractor 4 Mike 0

Yes, It's still stuck in the mud although it does make a nice garden ornament!

On a good note though my French neighbough from across the road who I am on nodding terms with came across to see me today carrying a chain block, He doesn't speak one word of English not even "Hello"
  It was quite old but fully usable, however the main problem was where to attach it to, the large stone that was the obvious place wasn't suitable as It kept slipping off, I next tried around a tree but the problem there was it was at an acute angle and as the back wheels are up to the axle with the frame sitting on the ground it wouldn't move at all.
At that moment my neighbough arrived to help bringing with him a length of heavy rope so between us we decided that we needed to pull it directly from the front in a straight line.
So we attached the rope to the chain and managed to find a tree root to fix it to.
Well the good news is that we managed to winch it a foot ( I only need to winch it about 6 feet to get on dry ground ) The bad news is the rope broke!

At that point I was exhausted so I gave it up for today and will go out and buy some more chain tomorrow...........Watch this space!


  1. Have you thought of covering it with soil...saying a few prayers and giving it a decent burial !!!!

  2. too cruel...
    We demand an update!! you're gonna need a bigger boat, er I mean chain....