Friday, 15 February 2013

You win some-you lose some!

I've had a problem over the last few days in that my tractor which I bought 15 months ago suddenly decided it wouldn't start!
I'm certainly no mechanic, but I knew that the problem was in the electrics as not even that dashboard lights came on and when I turned the key  could here a clicking noise somewhere in the engine area.

My first thought were that the battery was low, so I put a charger on it for a few hours but to no avail. I then thought that perhaps the connections needed cleaning so I took them off and re-connected still without any luck.
I then tried to track down the clicking sound and eventually found it coming from what turned out to be a relay switch. I did ponder about taking it to a local tractor spares firm to see if I could get a replacement but in the end decided to email the firm in the UK that I bought it from and order the correct part from there. However I had an email back from them this morning saying that it was almost certainly a bad connection somewhere in the system and gave me a list of things to check.
Half an hour later....Success!

That was the good news!

Another half an hour later I decided to take it across my neighbough's field to my lower field across the stream to bring back a pile of logs that I had cut.

Unfortunately It got stuck in the mud and at the moment it's still there!

As I said you win some and lose this space.


  1. You need a tractor to pull that out...

  2. Oh Dear !!!!! should have got one with tracks not wheels !!!
    Not to worry i will come and give you a push in July......

  3. Oops! I'm not really surprised as the ground is so boggy and soft. Had a good catch up with your blog posts. Your trip sounded wonderful!