Sunday, 24 February 2013

The last bit of winter

as I'm writing this it is snowing outside which seems to make a bit of nonsense of the heading, but we have had quite a few sunny days recently and although it is cold at night and in the wind I find I'm outside more and more in the day.
 I am so glad that we bought this house, It's not everyone's "cup of tea" with all the ground that we have. I have had several people say to me that they couldn't contemplate looking after it all but it suits us down to the ground and I'm never happier than when I'm outside working.

I have been busy clearing away all the winter debris from the drive at the rear of the house which is very therapeutic as It is like getting rid of winter. I managed to get the real lawn cut this weekend as well which is a bonus. The first cut of the year is always the worst as all the grass has to be picked up, I must have put about 8 barrow-load into the  compost heap. Now that it's been cut once, providing I do it on a regular basis I can just mulch the grass and leave it.

I'm also busy chopping and splitting wood ready for next winter, I've struggled a little to get enough dry seasoned wood this year but I reckon from now on I should be fine.

 I can see that the art of it is to continually cut and stack wood in advance. It is Sunday morning and I have the wood burner on chucking out heat as I type.

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