Sunday, 22 January 2012

Winter Warmer

Last night we went out with some friends to a place called  St Gelven which is in Guingamp, Cotes-d Armor. The evening was billed as a "Winter Warmer" and was held in the municipal hall and organised by the AIKB. ( click on link for details )

We got there just before 7pm and didn't leave until gone 11, It was a bit hard to judge but I guess there were at least a 100 people there. There was some entertainment by someone playing a steel drum while everyone was arriving and getting drinks etc.

There were tables set out ready for food, we started off with salad and quiche, which was followed by a hot main course with a choice of Lasagna, venison stew, Curry, rice and gammon. I had venison which is something I had never tasted before and very enjoyable indeed.

After the main course we had a cabaret by a amateur dramatics group "The harlequin Troupe" with a variety of acts.

The sweet was fruit and ice cream and  then coffee  followed by music from The Mad Hatters.
A couple of bottles of wine to complete the evening and all in all a very enjoyable night that I hope we will be repeating many times this coming year at a variety of different places.

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