Monday, 9 January 2012

Driving in France

Living where I do in rural Brittany, driving is a real pleasure as there seem to be very few other cars on the road. I have even driven right through our local town without seeing another moving vehicle.

After approaching the Blackwall tunnel in London the other week in bumper to bumper traffic in the dark and in the rain and being carved up by a lorry, I was really glad to get back here for some sanity!

However driving here is different that's for sure.
How is it that whenever a car comes up behind you they think it absolutely necessary to sit right on your tail absolutely determined to pass you at whatever cost? Or, If driving at night exactly the same but this time with their headlights full on.

Of course on the rare times when you are in a moving line of traffic once you hold back slightly to give some space between you and the car in front it's taken as an immediate invitation for the car behind to overtake!

One thing to look out for is a diamond shaped sign in yellow and white with a black background and a black stripe though it.  This means that even if you are on an obvious main road then all roads ( even dirt roads ) coming onto it from the right have priority! To be fair these are only usually in towns and are also marked with a red cross, that is if you can see the cross due to cars parked on the pavements!

Of course If you break the motoring laws here in France you may be disqualified and get your driving licence taken away. No problem, this is France after all, just go out and get a Voiture sans permis, literally, a car that you don't need a license for! Admittedly it is small and slow and has only forward and reverse but you could still drive home from the bar in the evening so beware!

As for parallel parking.....................

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