Wednesday, 25 January 2012

French Driving License

Avril's driving license is due to expire in a couple of Months so, although It may have been possible to renew it in the UK as we are now living in France for good we visited the local tax office ( Sous-Prefecture ) in Carhaix.

We were told that this was just a simple matter of handing in the UK one and a French one would be sent back! Of course we forgot about French bureaucracy!

So for anyone else deciding to do this here is what you need.

  1. Your UK plastic driving license
  2. your paper equivalent
  3. Your passport
  4. A utility bill proving your address
  5. 2 photos
  6. A stamped priority envelope ( currently euro2.18 )
  7. Your birth certificate
  8. Loads of spare time!
Avril had to hand in the UK license ( photocopies given back ) and was told that she should receive the new on in around 2 Months!

A few oddities that I'm sure are only applicable to France!

We are all so used to keeping our driving license on us in the form of a plastic card that easily fits in a wallet or purse. The French one however, when it comes back will be a  thin cardboard one that needs folding in 3 pieces.

The license is for life and never needs renewing, with no enquiries as you get older if you are fit to drive or can see perfectly.

Of course this also applies to the photo in it so it is perfectly possible to have a photo that is 40 years or more out of date! That is if the cardboard doesn't deteriorate over time.

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