Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Fest Noz

Fest Noz, which actually translates from French to Night party is part of the traditional social way of life in Brittany held mostly in the summer Months.
In the past, the dances were used as a way to trample the  floor of a house or an area for farm work, these days it is a good opportunity to enjoy some good company, some food, wine and cider and to generally have an enjoyable evening.
Whereas the music would principally be provided by bagpipes these days a wide range of music is played by a range of intruments from guitar to keyboards and from Rock to Jazz.
The traditional, Breton, dancing is practiced in a circle with everyone linking hands often by little finger to little finger.
Most villages have at least one Fest Noz a year, ofetn organised by a local school or club.
The Fest Noz will generally start around 9pm in the evening and will often go on to 2-3 in the morning. Everyone goes to these from young children to grandparents and everyone dances together.
Fest Diez are similar but are day festivals generally starting around 3pm and running on into the evening.