Saturday, 28 January 2012

An afternoon walk

I went out for an afternoon walk around the lake and town yesterday afternoon and made a mental note that I must do it more often. You see so much more when you are walking than when you are in the car driving.
The weather is starting to pick up as well and gives a hint that Spring is on it's way.
Here is a renovated "Lavoir" near to me that I didn't even know was there, do people still use these? It was in very good condition and the water was crystal clear .
I then walked around the lake, there were loads of birds apart from the resident swans that always come towards you to see if you have any food for them.

I especially liked this family of ducks that were keeping pace with me as I walked along.

I must admit to not being very good when in comes to identifying birds! Anyone know what this pair are?

There was one shower of rain while I was out which was convenient as I was right outside a cafe/bar so a welcome opportunity for a beer. I then walked back near the " Moulin Du Chaos " the massive boulders that Huelgoat is famous for.
All in all about a 4 mile round trip and a very pleasant couple of hours out on a nice January afternoon.


  1. 99% sure the birds are Cormorants. You are right about the ones above; they are ducks

  2. Yes - cormorants - usually seabirds. Lovely lake at Huelgoat isn't it?