Sunday, 14 April 2013

Jazz and more Jazz

We are off today to Chateauneuf-du-Faou a town about 40 minutes away from us to for an afternoon of Jazz. There are regular Jazz sessions held at the bar "Tal ar Pont" which overlooks the river there and is a beautiful spot.

You can see the bar in the right hand side of the photo.

Today is the tenth anniversary of Jazz held there and is a full afternoon. Starting off with a "Cochon Grille"
 ( Pig Roast ) at the local hall at 12.30 this goes on to 7pm with two well known local Jazz Groups
" Goodtime Jazz" and the "Ragamuffins" plus guest appearances from others.

I really enjoy listening to The Goodtime Jazz who are a very lively group despite the fact they are what you may describe as being "mature" in age. Here is a You tube footage of them.

Good Time Jazz playing "Operator"

I started this before we went, so this is a carry on after the event so to speak. We got to Chateauneuf du Faou about 12.30  at last we had some decent weather as well. Before the food there was a wine tasting of some Sancerre wines we just had a glass of a very nice white wine but as it was a tasting and the wine was 10 euros a bottle ( not expensive but it is all in proportion ) we just had the one.

 We then moved into the hall where there was jazz being played all afternoon by a variety of groups there were well over 100 people there having the Roast Pork which was lovely, along with a few(ish) glasses of wine we stayed there until 4.30 

when we all moved across to the bar on the other side of the river "Bar Tal ar Pont. The main group of the day "Good Time Jazz" were playing there, the bar was full but the weather was good so we sat outside and listened to some great music along with a few more glasses of wine
 ( no I wasn't driving ) 
We eventually got home at 8 in the evening, all in all a superb way to spend a Sunday Afternoon.

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