Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tax returns

After thinking I had escaped the clutches of  the Inland Revenue I had a letter from them today telling me I had to put in a return, It took me about 20 minutes to get through on the phone but eventually after answering a series of questions including "Do I earn over £100,000 in the UK" ( I wish! ) they agreed I didn't have to do it.
However the time has nearly come around again where I have to submit French Tax Returns ( just as bad as the UK ones but more bureaucracy )

I will be the first to admit that they are not the easiest things to complete as there are about 8 pages in total and all in French but by searching through a variety of sites on the Internet i was able to pierce together all the information I needed on where to put in the different figures etc and submitted my returns last year which were accepted without question. I seem to be one of the few people I have met doing this as most people seem to go to the bank etc for help but I like to be independent!

This year I have gone one stage further by putting together notes associated with the necessary forms and uploading them to my Living in Brittany web site. Although they are applicable to my own situation ie: on a UK pension with a couple of small private pensions and a limited amount of interest coming in I am sure that this will also apply to a lot of other people and hopefully will be useful to them.


  1. The Government, and governments, (all parties) have backed-off on the income tax and switched to a revenue system based on employment taxes, sales taxes, fines, and 2013 tax brackets. If you look at the big picture, both parties want more of your money. Who knows, maybe they deserve it.

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