Monday, 4 September 2017

Back again!

I cannot believe it is the best part of a year since my last blog post, where does the time go to? I am determined to start making regular posts again so I really would appreciate anybody who is reading this to comment which we give me that much more incentive 👍

This year has been the best ever in the garden in terms of produce, we have had a huge amount of beans, both runner and french beans and some superb potatoes, I have enough potatoes put away to last us all year. Unfortunately we had a very late and very hard frost one night that killed off all of the blossom on the apple trees with the result that we haven't got a single apple this year!

This is our pumpkin patch on our "Back to Eden" garden, a record amount of pumpkins this year, 30+ the biggest must be getting on for a 100 lbs in weight already!
Now that we are getting into Autumn I have an annual job in cutting back the vegetation on the bank on our driveway to the house, it must be nearly a 100 yards long so takes me quite a while and maybe up to 25 full wheelbarrow loads of grass/saplings/brambles/ferns etc

Some of the saplings growing out of the oak trees that have been cut down in the past have grown 4 feet since I cut them back last year, as you can see from the ladder propped against the bank it is quite high.

Well that's it for this update but hopefully not long before the next so please comment if you would to give me some encouragement.

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