Thursday, 13 March 2014

Spring at last

Spring at last! Well it's still early March but what a difference a couple of weeks make. I only seems like yesterday that we were all obsessing about the continual incessant rain that we seemed to have day after day and now we are out eating our lunch out in the sunshine on the decking area.

We have been out in the garden most days and it is beginning to show. The ground had a real "wintery" look about it.

Unfortunately as the area was close to a strawberry patch and also has a huge rock just under the surface in one place I had to hand dig it. However it is now all done and have already put in two rows of early potatoes and sown a row of parsnips. There is also room for a couple of rows of carrots which will go in during the next few days.

I have also cleared the main planting area and ploughed and rotavated it all as you can see from the next few pictures.

Avril has also been as busy as me in the fruit plot weeding out the raspberry canes and strawberry plants and mulching them with old leaf compost.

So we are all set up and ready for the planting season in the weeks to come, I'm going to concentrate on the things that I know grow well in the soil which unfortunately is quite acidic.

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