Saturday, 17 August 2013

Two year anniversary

Unbelievable, but we have now been here living in brittany for just over two years. The time just seems to have flown by and we are feeling very settled here and made a wide range of good friends since we arrived.
I really do have to keep an online calendar as there is never a week where we are not doing something with someone or another and dread the thought of double booking!

This last few weeks has been a very busy time for us as a group of friends from an online forum I have been on for years came over to France to our house for the Annual BBQ we had every bedroom full and the rest stayed in a B&B close by, the weather was a bit spotty with rain that day but certainly didn't take anything away from the proceedings.

We then had my brother Roger and his wife Margaret arrive for a holiday with us, I think they would agree we had a very social time indeed while they were here with many BBQs at home, dinners out and vistis and meals with many of our friends here.

These are just a few of the photos I took whilst with friends over the last three weeks so a big thanks to

Steve, Majella, Andy, Carole, John, Sandra, Bob, Blanca, Roger, Lorrie, Roger, Margaret, Ron, Ethal, Roger, Anne, John, Sue, Alec, Dave, Jane, Malcolm, Maureen, Donnie, Rosie, Michel, Els, Richard, Katrina and others who I am sure I have missed out

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