Saturday, 20 October 2012


We seem to have different types of Fungi and Mushrooms popping up all over the place right now. The small  one's I took a photo of in the last post have now grown to the size of a small plate. They are about 20cm
 ( 8" ) in diameter.
I love to eat mushrooms but although these look a lot like horse mushrooms I'm just not sure, and don't really want to chance it. Is there anyone on here who can positively identify them?

Here are some others which I know I will not be eating! Having looked at images on Google it appears to be an  amanita which is heavily psychedelic and has been reported to be fatal if eaten!   Certainly lovely to look at though.

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  1. I believe if you take them to you local Pharmacy they will identify them and tell you if they are for eating or not. Also if you do take them please use a knife to cut them and do not pull them up, or it will damage the part of the mushroom underground that you cant see.