Sunday, 24 June 2012

An update at last!

It's been quite a while since I've updated on here so I'm busy looking for excuses, of course I could easily blame it it on a lovely 2 week visit by my brother Roger, and my sister in law Margaret, but as he will probably read this I shall blame it on the weather instead!

In addition I can blame the weather on the progress in the garden, in truth that is part of it coupled I think with the tall fir trees sucking all the goodness out of the ground for years. I have to say I am more than a little disappointed in it particually given the amount of effort I've put into it this year. I shall put it all down to experience though and will try to get some manure from somewhere in the Autumn to turn in to improve things for next year. The broad beans have been a total washout and the peas are not much better. Some of the root vegetables may come on but I'm not hoping for too much now.

I have made another start on cutting down some more of the fir trees, it is a bit of a long winded job as I have to move the scaffold pretty much every tree and the clearing away and cutting off all the branches and twigs etc takes the biggest amount of time.

It has been over a month now since I submitted French tax returns and I have had no communication from them, I would like to think that I have filled them all out correctly and the longer it goes without hearing the more chance there is I think. Wish me luck!

After waiting what seems an age, we had a phone call this week to say that the workmen would be arriving the next day to install the wood burner we ordered at the beginning of May. They arrived at 9am and were cleared up and gone 3 hours later, I was very impressed. During that time they had to sheet off the room for dust bore a hole through the concrete capping slab on top of the chimney, bore another hole through the ceiling in the lounge fit a chimney pot and cap install a flue liner assemble and install the wood-burner including fitting an internal flue to the ceiling height, fitting a collar at the top and plaster boarding and skimming where the flue went through the ceiling and clearing away all in 3 hours for 2 men. I was most impressed and can thoughrally recommend the company
Cheminees Lencot, 
ZA Du Launay,
 29600 St Martin Des Champs 
Tel 0298 620191

All I have to do now is to keep enough logs cut and split to see us through the winter!


  1. Sorry about your veg disappointments but don't give up! The wood burner looks great.

  2. What make is the woodburner and what size is the room? I have a villager that I'm disappointed with it because it hasn't got an ashpan therefore can't stay in indefinitely. I like the look of the clearview range, but don't know if they are in Brittany.

    1. The wood burner is a Dovre 640cb 9kw with air wash and clean burn system. The room is about 70 cubic metres and the wood burner is plenty large enough. I'm really glad now that I didn't go for the next size up which I was looking at. It has a very useful side door as well as the front door and will take 50cm logs.
      It has a decent sized tray that I empty once every few days

    2. Thanks,Michael. Good information.

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