Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Our new neighbough

We had an unexpected arrival in the form of a  new neighbough arrive today, a lovely baby boy,
 say hello to Colombo.

This gorgeous foal is only a few hours old in this photo and is still a little unsteady on it's long gangly legs at times and certainly doesn't want to be more than a few feet from his mum.

I was in the garden when Robert, our farmer neighbough took them into the field next to us for half an hour to get some fresh air and sunshine. I spent a very nice hour chatting to him in my very inadequate French and him in his slightly better English followed by a few glasses of wine back at his farm after they were taken back to the stables.

Apparently another one of his mare's is due to  have a foal in the next couple of days and a third in a couple of weeks time, I am looking forward to all the new additions.

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  1. You can tell it's a Breton by the size of its legs! They are enormous, normally foals have spindly legs. Cute little thing though :-)